Soho Parenting


Separation and Divorce

The families dealing with the separation and divorce process need guidance and support to help navigate this difficult terrain. Soho Parenting provides a number of options to help this hard time go as smoothly as possible.

Supportive Counseling

Issues of loss, anger and depression are often associated with divorce. Soho Parenting provides a forum for processing these reactions and guidance on moving forward and reshaping a new and more fulfilling life.

"My ex and I wanted to make good decisions about the kids without getting all caught up in our stuff. Having Soho Parenting help us with a game plan has been great for us and the kids."
- Josh, father of Theo and Olive, ages 9 and 7 years

Parent Coordination

An objective child development professional is a useful resource in making decisions for your children during separation and divorce. A parent coordinator acts as an arbiter when an agreement regarding the children cannot be made and helps parents understand the emotional needs based on their child's age. The coordinator facilitates an acceptable compromise when parents are in conflict.