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Soho Parenting Groups

Soho Parenting groups are ongoing, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly groups for women. These parents use Soho Parenting for continued guidance and support as their families develop and grow. Groups are organized by the ages of the children and provide developmental information, as well as insight into the emotional work it takes to be a thoughtful parent. In addition to the indispensable advice of the group leader, the camaraderie and support of the other members becomes an enriching part of the member's lives.

"Having a place to go to continue learning about Sam's development was so reassuring. I had gotten the hang of taking care of the baby but my whole identity felt different. The group helped me feel more comfortable with the ways my life had changed."
- Isabel, mother of Sam, nine months

Each week women bring in important issues such as:

  • Their child's development
  • Marital relationship and co-parenting
  • How their own upbringing impacts their family today
  • Sibling relationships
  • Educational issues
  • Discipline and anger management

"We have taken advantage of Soho Parenting as individuals, a couple, and as a member of an ongoing (15 years!) mothers group. We're deeply grateful for the intelligent insights, pragmatic advice and compassionate support."
- Kim and Farhan, parents of Yasmin, 17, and Majalisa, 14

"I cherish my time in the mothers group each week. I have made such lasting friendships and watched all of our children grow together. I can't imagine not having a place like Soho Parenting to grow with!"
- Jennifer, mother of Philip, 9, and Sasha, 6