Soho Parenting


Parent Guidance

Parents now feel bombarded by the barrage of child development and parenting information. At Soho Parenting we provide a haven from all the confusion. All of our therapists are trained and well-versed in the most recent child development research and offer a grounded common sense approach to raising children. Our goal is to provide the information and support to parents so that they can help their children feel cared for, listened to, and guided to be their best selves.

Developmental Check-Ins

Soho Parenting can be a helpful and reassuring resource while you raise your children. Many parents come in periodically to check-in as there children approach new stages from infancy through the teen years. Parents use Soho Parenting as preventative care to help raise their children in a thoughtful, sensitive way.

  • Birth of a sibling
  • Transition to toddlerhood
  • Your Child's Education
  • Supporting your tween's independence

"My wife and I love that we can tap into Soho Parenting when we feel stuck or have questions related to changes our children are going through. Everyone should have access to this kind of guidance!"
- Paul, father of Tamara, Alex and Jessie, 8, 6 and 18 months

Parent Coaching

All families experience periods of growth and struggle. Handling problems such as toilet training, adjusting to a new sibling, aggression or shyness can be confusing and sometimes frustrating. Through a combination of practical suggestions and insight into a child's behavior, families can make important changes.

We provide guidance about such issues including:

  • Toilet Training
  • Discipline
  • Peer Relationships
  • Anger and Aggression

"I was totally confused about how and when to toilet train my twins. My session was so helpful. I realized that my kids were ready to start. I got a practical plan that really worked!"
- Karen, mother of Aliza and Emmett, 2.5 years old

Family Problem Solving

Parents with school and teenage children need to be able to tackle problems as a family as they experience bumps in the road. Often just one family session under the guidance of a therapist can bring resolution, helping the family work well as a team. These sessions are an opportunity for all voices to be heard, decisions to be made, and to get the family back on track.

"The mornings were absolute chaos. At our family meeting we learned how to break down the problem, hear what everyone needed and make changes together. Just one session helped us so much!"
- Lianna, mother of Dante, 10, Olivia, 6 and Charlie, 5

Co-Parenting Communication

The transition to parenting requires a great deal of adjustment individually and as a couple. In a few sessions couples can learn:

  • How to identify and manage your own triggers
  • How to maintain healthy boundaries
  • Techniques to successfully negotiate conflict
  • What children really need to grow up feeling loved, protected and guided