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Help For Children

Given the rise in developmental delays and the emotional and behavioral challenges for children it is important to have a safe and professional resource for evaluation, strategic parent guidance and treatment for children and families. Soho Parenting offers a variety of services for children and their parents.

Behavioral Evaluation

Sometimes parents are concerned that their child is struggling with a developmental vulnerability or behavioral/emotional issue. It can be helpful and reassuring to schedule a combination of child play observation and parent feedback sessions with a child development specialist. These sessions can determine the nature of the issue and the best strategy for how to deal with the problem effectively. If we determine that a referral to another professional or service is needed, such as, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, educational guidance, or a formal developmental evaluation, we will facilitate these referrals.

"I was so worried about Jack's language development but also worried that I was over-reacting. The play session taught me so much about what was realistic to expect from him. We were able to get connected to a great speech therapist and he's making great progress. Coming here was a comfortable first step."
- Rachel, mother of Jack, age two years

Child Therapy

Many children experience difficulty managing emotions or behavior at some point. When the struggle seems to be more than a phase short-term play therapy and parent guidance can make all the difference. Through the language of play, cognitive strategies and parent involvement we help you to help your children through a difficult time and get back on track.

"Sophie was having such a hard time at school and having so many temper tantrums at home. We were worried and at our wits end. Coming to Soho Parenting ourselves and having some play sessions with Sophie really helped us understand how to help her with her emotions, set strong limits and it made us closer as a family."
- Melissa and David, parents of Sophie, age 7 years

Home Observation

You have read the books on discipline, received advice from friends, even consulted with your child's school, but you just cant seem to shift the dynamic. Often times an objective and educated observer can be the intervention with the most impact. The context of the home environment provides valuable information about your family system. A 45-minute home visit gives important data and allows for very specific hands on coaching and advice from your therapist. An in-home visit will result in a specific behavioral strategy to handle discipline, sibling interactions, bedtime/dinnertime and more.

Soho Parenting provides:

  • Initial parent meeting
  • 45 minute home observation
  • Follow up session with strategy recommendations

"Seeing the family in action allowed our counselor to give so much feedback and direction. She was able to see first hand things that were difficult to describe. The in-home meeting really made a world of difference for all of us."
- Caroline, mother of Patrick, age five and Eve age eight

School Observation

Second to being at home, children spend the majority of time in their school environment. If issues arise at school, parents are often confused about whether or not their child is struggling with behavior, or learning issues, or if the expectations at the school are too high, or the fit between child and the school is a mismatch. The best way to ascertain what factors are at play is to have an impartial child development professional from outside the school do a thorough observation in the classroom. There is such a wealth of information in the classroom: social interaction with peers, academic work, the relationship between your child and the teacher.

Soho Parenting provides:

  • Initial parent meeting
  • 1 hour observation in classroom
  • Contact with school director and teachers
  • Follow up session with recommendations

"Our preschool recommended occupational therapy for our son. We were upset, confused and hesitant to dive into an intervention we didn't know anything about. We decided to have someone from Soho Parenting hear our concerns, observe our son and speak to the school. Not only did she get a great sense of our son in the classroom, but had suggestions for us and his teachers. We decided together to implement a plan that included helping him with self control in school and at home, setting up connections with classroom friends outside of school, and working on getting him more sleep. After three months, we all agreed OT was not necessary. The observation was so comforting, helpful and fostered a great collaboration with the school."
- Catherine, mother of Ben, age six