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Psychotherapy can be one of the most meaningful experiences in a person's life. Soho Parenting offers a variety of counseling services for adults, children, couples and families in all stages of life. Soho Parenting's therapists are committed to learning the most current and effective therapeutic modalities. Insight-oriented talk therapy, Internal Family Systems therapy, EMDR, and mindfulness practices guide clients toward better relationships and a more loving self-concept.

Internal Family Systems (IFS)

Have you ever had the experience of committing to losing weight but finding yourself ordering an ice cream cone at Ben and Jerry's? IFS recognizes that each of us has parts inside with different motivations that are often in conflict with one another. Do you notice that you chastise yourself with harsh and unforgiving words? IFS is a therapeutic model that addresses our internal emotional world and can transform these critics into allies. Learn to cultivate the most important relationship in our lives, the relationship with ourself.

"Internal Family Systems is an amazing healing method. After years in talk therapy, I am astounded at how quickly I have been able to unlock issues that felt so stuck for so long through IFS."
- George, father of Grace, age 5

Marital Therapy

Most marriages go through stressful and difficult periods. Many couples wait too long to get help or have found traditional couples therapy lacking. Marital therapy at Soho Parenting is based on the Internal Family Systems philosophy and the clinical expertise of Terry Real. It is honest and direct with an emphasis on the learnable skills needed for deep and respectful communication.

"We were in such a bad place there was so much resentment and fighting in front of the kids. We tried couples counseling before and it just seemed like we kept going in circles. Doing the couples work at Soho has been a radically different experience for us. Finally a therapist who calls it like she sees it and gives us real tools and rules to help us with our communication!"
- Hillary, mother of Jeremy and Sonia, ages 6 and 8 years


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is an innovative and highly effective therapeutic technique that helps in resolving and transforming negative patterns of behavior to more flexible and productive ones. Soho Parenting's therapists have extensive training in this incredibly powerful methodology. EMDR addresses issues such as trauma, weight control, depression, phobias, such as fear of flying and anger management. It can be used in conjunction with long-term psychotherapy or as a short-term targeted problem solving technique. Learn more about EMDR at

"EMDR made a huge difference in the way I felt about things from my past. Even though I understood my personal history and its effects from traditional talk therapy I still couldn't shake the anxious and depressed feelings until I did a series of EMDR sessions. I was skeptical at first but now I really recommend it."
- Doug, father of Lucy, age 11

LifeForce Yoga®

LifeForce Yoga® is a practice that combines meditation and breathing techniques, simple yoga postures and vibrational tones to bring the body and mind into balance. This evidence-based practice created by Amy Weintraub, e-RYT 500, author of Yoga for Depression and Yoga Skills for Therapists, relieves many symptoms of anxiety and depression.