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Bayou Area Habitat for Humanity

In August of 2005, Hurricane Katrina displaced thousands of Louisiana families. In August of 2006, Lisa Spiegel and her eldest daughter went to New Orleans to build houses for the hurricane's victims with Habitat for Humanity. Here is her account of the start of the project:

"Building houses for victims of Katrina was a profound experience. Hearing the stories of pain, courage and faith from the families who were going to be moving into these very houses was inspiring, we immediately wanted to build a connection with this community. A Soho Parenting project was born. Though these families are lucky enough to have received homes, there is a shocking lack of mental health support. Our goal is to continue to lend any kind of help and develop a long-term relationship between Soho Parenting and the families in Gray, Louisiana."

Since its birth, our work in Louisiana has continued to grow. Each summer, our staff visits the same neighborhood to provide an after-school arts program for the children with supplies donated by Soho Parenting friends and families. To find out more information on how you can help, contact Soho Parenting.

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