Knit 1 Pearl 2, Hand It Down
July 7, 2011 · Posted in Adult Children, K-5 Kids, Parenting · Permalink

by Jean Kunhardt

One of my fondest memories of childhood is my grandmother teaching me how to knit. I was 8 and spending the summer with her. Nonie was a master knitter; could “turn a heel of a sock in a dark movie theater.” She had bony arthritic fingers and her knuckle bumps, which I envied, served as perfect yarn holders as her fingers flew and her needles clicked. As expert as she was, she was also a devoted teacher with the time and patience for my inevitable fumbling and dropped stitches.

Over that summer and for the rest of my childhood, she not only taught me the basics but also how to understand the process; how to “unknit” and correct mistakes and follow complicated patterns and make my own designs. I have been knitting for my whole life and it has brought me years of pleasure and comfort. It gives me a feeling of creativity and productivity and it is a way to relax. I in turn have taught both of my daughters and they too enjoy having projects for long car drives and making handmade gifts for their friends.

Recently I went into a knit shop and met a young girl named Romy whose mother had  just taken over and reinvented the store. Romy is an incredible kid. She confidently introduced herself, answered questions, explained designs and stitches and at her young age ( I think 12) had me taking on a difficult golden lacey scarf project.  As we talked she told me of her plan to run classes for kids to teach them how to knit clothes for their dolls. She introduced me to her store mascot (an American girl doll)  who will be displaying the outfits she makes. I was so impressed with Romy’s confidence, skill, friendliness and entrepreneurial spirit.

Not to sound like an old fuddy-duddy, but in this age of technology, where we can all get gratification so instantly with the press of a keypad, I fear the loss of the tradition of passing down crafts to our children and grandchildren. More and more in this highly stressful world, our children need ways to sit with themselves and feel calm and content. So parents, if you are not knitters yourself, think about having your kids join Romy’s classes.

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  1. connie
    August 3rd, 2011 | 1:43 pm

    i agree, i always wanted to learn how to knit, but know 1 would show me. i can crochet a little, but need more information on both, knitting & crocheting. i went on line here to teach myself how to knit. got the 1 stitch down i think, but want to learn more. but cant pay for it. i think that u all need to keep reaching out to people so they teach there kids no matter what age to learn things from the past. some day they might need to no these things. good luck

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