Early Psychotherapy Intervention – an Investment in the Future
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A recent article in The New York Times features a mother-infant psychotherapy program for low income mothers at high-risk for attachment difficulties with their babies. It highlighted the long-term powerfully beneficial effects of this intervention both psychologically for the mother/baby pair and the financial fall out from waiting to intervene.

It is in this type of program that Jean and I met, oh so may years ago, at Bellevue Hospital.  These intimate and powerful experiences with families fighting poverty, histories of abuse and neglect are the core of our ideas about Soho Parenting.  We’d like to think these serious issues are reserved for the poor, but we all know this in not true. Post-partum depression, alcoholism in the family of origin, sexual, physical abuse and neglect occur in well to do families as well. Education, success at work and financial comfort may seem like a protective immunity–but the deeper issues that get triggered in family life are blind to these accomplishments.  What these resources do give you is the opportunity to privately work on some of these problems early on in life as a parent.

Some of the most rewarding work we do at Soho Parenting is to provide that same kind of infant/parent support in our mother infant groups and in psychotherapy with a mom and baby together in individual sessions. We always tell mothers–you are the CEO and Secretary of Mental Health of your family. If you have a nagging sense that the connection with your baby seems particularly fraught, or you have a history of high conflict divorce, alcoholism or any kind of abuse in your family of origin get support now. The brains of new mothers and babies are so open for new connection and change–it is the perfect time to get a little support–it goes a long way.  And kudos to the practitioners at parents at the Montefiore program. Our future depends on the work we do today.

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  1. Ellie
    June 12th, 2009 | 3:47 pm

    I spent a decade working extensively with abused children and their families before I gave birth to my son 3 years ago. While programs like Bellvue and Montefiore are crucial to have available for low-income families, thank you for also emphasizing the wide-ranging demographics these issues cover.

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